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Avengers Resin Figures - Hulk On Letter Base G

Avengers Resin Figures

Avengers Resin Figures , a great toy made by Marvel is in fact excellent to play with. I do believe you will love that the toy offers hulk flexes his muscles ready to knock out evil-doers posed atop letter "g" base. Other features include hand detailed figural and dynamic pose and use as paperweight or display on shelf. The barcode for this product is 0077764676161. The Hulk toy is 6" Height x 3" Length x 0.5" Width. It weighs just about 0.9 lbs. Online deals for Avengers Resin Figures .


Model: 67616
UPS: 077764676161

They are Earth`s mightiest heroes, formed to battle foes no single hero could withstand. Each and every Piece attributes a favorite Hero or Villain Character and Letter, when all pieces are assembled spell out A -V-E-N-G-E-R-S. The Avengers are the most prestigious and powerful Super-Hero team in teh world, An ever-shifting assemblage of super-beings, adventurers and crime fighters devoted to protecting the planet from menaces beyond the scope of conventional authorities. Set comes in 8 Character Letter combinations and features: Captain America (A) , Iron Man (V) , Giant Man (E) , Hawkeye (N) , Hulk (G) , Vision (E) , Loki (R) , and Thor (S ). Special FeaturesHulk flexes his muscles ready to knock out evil-doers posed atop letter"G"baseHand detailed figural and dynamic poseUse as paperweight or display on shelfColorful costumed characters great gifts for college college students and specialists alikeOne of 8 pieces that will probably be assembled to spell out Avengers Collect one or all to show your spirit and enjoy for Marvel Avengers. Marvel`s Avengers fan favorite heroes and Villains come to life in figural desk accessories - be the initial to purchase these extremely collectible Resin Desk Figures.


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