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Marvel Captain America Throwing Shield

Captain America Throwing Shield

Captain America Throwing Shield is a very excellent and neat superhero toy doll. These Hulk toys have been well received and so is having decent online sales. I really believe you will like that the item features this feature of warning/guarantee: this is a toy. does not provide protection. Additional features include things like throw it like a frisbee. it's fun!. It has got a weight of 0.35 lbs. Best deal on Captain America Throwing Shield . To see the low price I came across, visit our partners via the add to shopping cart button.


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Make crime fighting action come alive with this Flying Shield. With your energy and this shield, there's just no stopping you. The shield actually flies. Age: 5 years and up When enemies seem and it's up to you to defeat them, wield your shield to defend you from their assaults. The shield is modeled following the one particular utilized by your favorite hero, so the battle action feels a lot more true than ever. Just when they feel they've got you cornered, send your shield flying through the air to take out their forces.


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