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Playskool Heroes Mud-stormin' 4X4 With Hulk And Silver Surfer Vehicle Set

Heroes Mudstormin 4X4 With Hulk

Heroes Mud-stormin' 4X4 With Hulk , a great product from Hasbro is really good fun to play with. I do believe you will love that the toy has got this feature, vehicle comes with 2 figures and accessories. Other features include put the figures inside. 36922 is the manufacturer's number for this Playskool toy. The Playskool toy is 7.99"H x 5.98"L x 15.98"W. Buying a Heroes Mud-stormin' 4X4 With Hulk . If you want a good deal on this Playskool toy for your kids, check out the add to shopping cart button.


Model: 36922
UPS: 653569652670

A team of Super Heroes wants a car that's super tough! Roll Hulk and Silver Surfer into their subsequent big battle in the Mud-Stormin' 4X4 vehicle! The two together in the ultimate cruising machine, the Mud-Stormin' 4X4 car! Hulk and Silver Surfer can conquer any terrain with the rugged Mud-Stormin' 4x4! What's much far better than the ultimate hero figure team-up of Hulk and Silver Surfer? Their enemies are in double trouble, since these hero figures have what it takes to fight for good. When you put your hero figures inside, you're on the road to true adventure! Their speedy Mud-Stormin' 4X4 car also has launching rockets, and you can flip down its panel for battle mode!


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